12 Best COC Town Hall TH8 Base Designs 2017 | Bomb Tower| Updated August 2017

12 Best COC Town Hall TH8 Base Designs 2017 | Bomb Tower

So, this is something we have been thinking of writing it from a long time. So In this post, we are going to come up with the best clash of clans town hall th8 base designs 2016-2017.We are going to have a look at the good farming, hybrid and war base designs of town hall 8. so let’s get started.For more information about clash of clans attacking strategies visit best of builder hall level 5.

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coc th8 war bases anti dragon

best town hall 8 farming bases

Town Hall TH8 Base Designs 2016 With Bomb Tower

So, first of all, let’s get into farming bases. Here We have three farming th8 bases with bomb towers.First one has dark elixir centralized to the core of the base. the storages are placed in the outer compartments make it hard to all the storages. this base has some crucial placement of air sweeper and air defenses that can defend air attacks. Moreover, this base made use of spring traps, air bombs, and air mines.

Clash Of Clans th8 Farming Base

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Coc th8 Farming Base

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TH8 Farming Base 2017

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War Town Hall 8 Layouts

Here we are up with the war town hall 8 bases that are anti everything, anti dragon, and anti gowipe. the first base is an anti everything war base. the central core compartment of this design has a double giant bomb, clan castle, th8, air defenses and bomb tower. This layout has good placement of spring traps, air mines, bombs.the storage’s take up the outer compartment which pulls out the time for enemy troops to enter the village mean while the defesive structures come into action.And you can see the second base is more of an anti dragon war base which has air defenses right in the center of the core compartment of the base.the third base is anti gowipe, gohog base which can withstand various hog attacks.

Best Town Hall 8 Bases Anti Everything With Bomb Tower, th8 Base With Bomb Tower, Town Hall 8 Hybrid Base, th8 layout

Anti Dragon Town hall 8 war base with bomb tower, th 8 Farming base, Clash of clans layouts level 8

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Hybrid TH8 Bases/ clash of clans th8 hybrid base

Coc th8 Hybrid Bases:

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TH8 Hybrid Base 2016

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Best th8 War Base 2016/ Best th8 Defense Base

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Best th8 War Base 2017

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Town Hall 8 Trophy Base

Town hall 8 base with Bomb tower, Clash of clans bases th8, Town hall level 8 base

For more clash of clans tips, tricks and bases Visit Clash Of Clans Bases. For more clash of clans best town hall farming, hybrid and war bases keeping coming back to Memystery Hacks.

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