12+ Best Town Hall TH10 Bases Design 2017 | Anti 2 Star| Updated August 2017

12+ Best Town Hall TH10 Bases Design 2017 | Anti 2 Star

Hope you are doing well. Coc town hall th10 bases. In this blog post, we have come up with the best town hall th10 War, Farming, Hybrid, and Trophy base designs.We are going to cover three designs of each category like war, farming, hybrid and trophy. for more tips, tricks and attacking strategies visit here.

We are looking for non-rushed town hall 5,6,7,8,9,10,11 players who are good at attacking. our clan name is GAMA LAND and Clan tag is

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town hall th10 trophy bases

so let’s start with the town hall th10 war bases.
Note: we have used only buildings that are available for town hall th10.

Town Hall TH10 War Layouts

As you can see the first th10 war base with town hall centralized in the core surrounded by Teslas and Inferno towers. this a particular pattern of layout where in the defensive structures like wizard towers and archers towers are fixed in their positions in the base accordingly. the dark elixir storage is placed close to the town hall so before attackers go for town hall he needs to take down the high point dark elixir storage first which takes a considerable amount of time. In the mean time, the surrounded defensive takes down the enemy troops. If you look at the bottom hand side the first inner compartment is huge make the troops go way around rather than entering into the base.

Clash Of Clans Town Hall 10 War Base

Best Town Hall 10 War Base With Bomb Tower, Clash Of Clans th10 War Base, Best th10 War Base


 th 10 Base With Bomb Tower, Coc th10 War Base, Best Town Hall 10 Base, War Base th 10

Town Hall 10 Base, Coc Best Town Hall 10 War Base With Bomb Tower, Coc th 10 War Base


Town Hall TH10 Farming Bases

so here we are up with the best town hall th10 bases designs of farming. the farming layouts we are going to have a look at our unique and can protect loot in multiplayer battles. so coming to the first base, the dark elixir is centralized surrounded by infernos and Tesla’s and town hall th10 which are having high hit points and that takes a considerable amount of time.there are four outer compartments which are composed of gold and elixir storages with some defensive structures such as cannons, wizard towers, and archer towers. the compartment which is right next to the outer compartment is composed with air defenses to over the air troops such as balloons and dragons.

Best th10 Farming Base

  Best th10 Base With Bomb Tower, Clash Of Clans th10 Base, Coc th10 Farming Base

               th10 Farming Base With Bomb Tower, Coc th10 Farm Base, Townhall 10


Best th10 Farming Base 2016

             Coc th 10 Farming Base, Good th10 Farming Base 2016 With Bomb Tower

Town Hall TH10 Hybrid Bases With Bomb Tower

Do remember that we have used only town hall th10 bases buildings.the first hybrid base has the unique construction of all. the th10 is placed in the center of the layout. the town hall th10 is surrounded by x bows tesla’s, inferno towers, hero’s barbarian king and archer queen.bomb tower are placed in opposite to each other diagonally in the outer compartment next to the complete inner one.

                Clash Of Clans th 10, Hybrid Base Town Hall 10 With Tower Bases

Coc Base, Good th10 Farming Bases Anti Everything With Bomb Tower, Clash Of Clans th10 Farming Base



   Coc th10 base, Town Hall th10 Base Designs, th 10 War Bases, Best War Base th10


Town Hall TH10 Bases Trophy Bases

                Coc th10 Trophy Base, Town Hall 10 Trophy Base, Coc Town Hall 10


th10 Trophy Base With Bomb Tower, Coc th10, Clash Of Clan th10, Clash Of Clans War Base th10

          Coc War Base th10, th10 Base Anti Everything, th10 War Base Anti Everything


Best th10 War Base 2017/Best th10 Base In The World

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           Town Hall 10 Base 2017, Coc th10 Base 2017, Coc th 10 Base, th 10 Bases


        th10 Trophy Base 2017, Best th10 Bases, Coc Base Designs, Coc Bases th 10


For more clash of clans tips, tricks and bases Visit Clash Of Clans Bases. For more clash of clans best town hall farming, hybrid and war bases keeping coming back to Memystery Hacks.

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