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Clash Royale Bats Wiki are Four tiny flying creatures with big ears. Having big ears does not mean they’ll listen when required to stop attacking you.”


  • Bats will probably be unlockable from Frozen Peak (Arena 8).
  • It spawns four single-target, melee Bats with really low hit points and damage.
  • They are identical to those spawned through the Night Witch.
  • It costs 2 Elixir to deploy.


  • The Bats are somewhat like faster, aerial Skeletons, except they can’t be utilized to pull units that just only target ground units .

They could be a alternative to Minions and therefore are a much better counter for all those air units but Baby Dragon. However, they’ve significantly lower hitpoints, slightly lower damage and therefore could be killed in one shot by a lot of ground units that target air like Witchor even the Princess Tower. Additionally they pose significantly less of a threat when useful for attacking

  • However, they are able to deal significant damage when combined with a tank like the Miner, because of their high movement speed.
  • The Zap is really a neutral elixir trade for the Bats, though they might be utilized to “bait” Zap for other swarms after that.
  • If you placed Skeletons correctly, the tower can counter the Bats while the Bats are distracted to get a positive Elixir trade.


  • On 12/6/17, a Balance Update decreased the Bat’s count to 4 (from 5). The Bats haven’t been released during the time of the Balance Update.


  • Bats have a similar stats as Skeletons of equal level except they fly, they target air, possess a very fast move speed, have one more bat and cost 1 more elixir.
  • Bats and Balloon would be the only 2 flying troops having a melee attack range.
  • The Night Witch summons Bats which are like the ones spawned here.
  • When the card was initially announced, there was clearly an error in the description stating there were “Four” bats rather than five, and many got confused as the count statistic stated the right “5”. The mistake was quickly fixed and also the description was changed to “Five”.
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