9 Best COC TH8 Hybrid Bases With Bomb Tower 2016-2017| Updated August 2017

9 Best COC TH8 Hybrid Bases With Bomb Tower 2016-2017

9 Best COC TH8 Hybrid Bases With Bomb Tower 2016-2017 new update.Want to add something to COCBASES? If you have good town hall 8 bases reach us .For more information about the clash of clans check out here.

clash of clans COC town hall TH8 hybrid bases with bomb tower anti everything 2016 2017 new update.

Do checkout YouTube Video at the end of this blog post that discusses top 5 th8 attack strategies after bomber tower update.

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Best TH8 Hybrid Bases With Bomb Tower 2016-2017

Coc Bases TH8

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Clash Of Clans Base Town Hall 8

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COC Best TH8 Base

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Best th8 Base With Bomb Tower

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Best th8 Bases

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TH8 Farming Base 2016/Best TH8 Farming Base 2016

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                                    th8 Defense Base 2016, TH8 Bases 2016


                                                   Best th8 Hybrid Base 2016


Town Hall 8 Base 2017

                                                 Best Coc Base th8,  th8 Base 2017


Life becomes easy if there is one base for both war and farming village, that’s where the need of hybrid base comes in the picture. In this article, we have come up with the best town hall 8 hybrid bases anti everything. if we look at the first Anti Gowipe layout the town hall centered into the core of the base.The defensive structures are well distributed by considering the fact to withstand both war and farming attacks in war and multi player battles. So, coming to the second base it’s kind of compartmentalized base which is having three compartments having the different intersection of walls making harder for troops so it’s called as anti-Giants design. The third base is an anti dragon war base with three air defenses evenly distributed. The 3 Air defenses are placed exactly diagonally to each other cover the entire area of the village.

The below video discusses the top attack strategies at town hall 8 to get 3 stars in clan wars.

For more clash of clans tips, tricks and bases Visit Clash Of Clans Bases. For more clash of clans best town hall farming, hybrid and war bases keeping coming back to Memystery Hacks.

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