8+ Best COC Town Hall TH8 Defense Bases 2017 | Bomb Tower| Updated August 2017

8+ Best COC Town Hall TH8 Defense Bases 2017 | Bomb Tower

So, In this blog post we have come up with the best coc town hall th8 defense bases with bomb tower 2016.
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for best th8 war design

for best town hall 8 hybrid bases

COC Best Town Hall TH8 Defense Bases With Bomb Tower

Clash Of Clans Town Hall 8

                clash of clans town hall 8 defense base , best th8 defense base


       th 8 war base , defense base bomb tower th8

                             th8 best defensive base , town hall 8 defense base

Best Level 8 Town Hall Base

                 town hall level 8 base  , th level 8 base , clash of clans level 8 town hall defense

Best Town Hall8 Defense Bases Anti Everything 2016

If we look at the below bases.The dark elixir storage is placed in the center . the air defenses are placed in the center which defends air troops easily. if you want to change air defenses position a bit do it yourself accordingly. the gold and elixir storage’s are placed evenly around the base. The archer towers and wizard tower are mostly placed in the outer compartment to feel the first attacks from enemy troops at town hall 8 defense.the normal buildings such as dark elixir factory, gold mines and elixir collector are placed outside covering entire village.

Clash Of Clans Defense Town Hall 8

                            base th 8 , best th8 defense base with bomb tower

                good th8 defence base with bomb tower , th8 best defense base


   th8 base defense , th8 defense base anti everything with bomb tower


                  coc th8 defense base with bomb tower , good th8 bases


best defence base for town hall , th8 defense base 2016 2017 with bomb tower

Coc Town Hall 8 War Base

                                   clash of clans town hall 8 war base


                                                                  th 8 war base


                                 clash of clans town hall 8 hybrid base


                                                town hall 8 trophy base


Having a sit still lab is more regrettable than having a sit out of gear developer. You generally need to ensure you have enough elixir (or after your BK is maxed DE) to keep it taking a shot at something. TH8 is the principal level where the aggregate time to finish the updates in the lab is substantially longer than that of having four mortars working always to finish the redesigns on your town’s structures.


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