10+ Best Town Hall TH8 Farming Bases 2017 | Updated August 2017

10+ Best Town Hall TH8 Farming Bases 2017

COC Town Hall TH8 Farming Bases With Bomb Tower. Here in this post, we are going to have a look at the best town hall 8 farming bases with bomb tower. The clash of clans, super cell has rolled out a new update where they introduced new bomb tower that is available at town hall 8.so the previous bases became dead because of the bomb tower. so in this post, we made sure so that layouts are latest with bomb tower included. so without further due let’s have a look at the designs.

Top 10 COC Town Hall TH8 Farming Bases With Bomb Tower

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                       Level Eight Layout Anti Everything, Town Hall 8 Farming Base


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Clash Of Clans th8 Farming Base, Town Hall 8 Farming Base, Clash Of Clans Town Hall 8 Farming Base


                                               Town Hall 8 Farming Base Anti Loot


   Farming Base Anti 3 Star, Base th8 Anti Everything, Best th 8 Base, Best th 8 Farming Base


Best th8 Farming Base 2016

Clash Of Clans th8 Base 2016, Town Hall 8 Base 2016, TH8 Farm Base 2016, Town Hall 8 Farming Base 2016

TH8 Farm Base 2016

Coc th8 Farming Base 2016, Town Hall 8 Farming Base 2016, Clash Of Clans th8 Farming Base 2016


Best th8 farming base 2017

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Base Design Tips and Attack Strategy

Wall breakers soften dividers up front of structures that are encased by dividers. So in that case, you have additional dividers another system is to put a manufacturers cabin in its own particular compartment behind dividers, along these lines when they convey divider breakers they will be pulled in to those dividers and it will just give them access to attackers. Subsequently it will take an additional 2 wall breaks to get where they need go.
Utilize twofold layered walls to make wall breakers to stroll around. Despite the fact that divider breakers can get through two layers of dividers they generally attempt to assault single layer dividers first. In the photo it diverts the divider breakers far from that vital T-Junction with the goal that they will just break into one compartment. Simply remember that divider padding is significantly less powerful (in light of dividers utilized) than channeling and manufacturers cabin inside separate “islands”.Once in a while you can’t make those T-Junctions to stop wall breakers, you may just have the capacity to move the dividers 1 tile, yet don’t let that stop you, its viable against ordinary troops as well .
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