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Clash Royale Barbarians Wiki—A horde of melee attackers with mean mustaches as well as meaner tempers.”


  • The Barbarians are unlocked through the Barbarian Bowl (Arena 3).
  • It spawns four single-target, melee Barbarians with both the moderate hit points and damage.5
  • A Barbarians card costs 5 Elixir to deploy.
  • Barbarians wield short swords and also have blond hair and amazing moustaches.


The Barbarians are a good choice to use against enemy troops and Crown Towers, as the Barbarians possess a moderate amount of hitpoints and damage, and therefore are ideal for attacks along with other tanks. Although extremely effective against single target troops such as the Prince, Barbarians are inclined to spells and troops which do area damage because of their slow move-speed. Their slow attack speed also leaves them vulnerable to swarm cards like the Skeleton Army.

  • They are fantastic for taking out low amounts of enemy troops like the Prince or Musketeer on the player’s side. The 4 Barbarians will quickly eliminate target if they’re dropped entirely on the top of it and surround the unit.
  • A successful defense with Barbariansmay also allow fora strong counter-push; tank for the barbarians for a threatening push or rely on them to tank for a glass-cannon, which also generates a threatening push.
  • They may also defeat a splash unit if placed entirely on the surface of the unit, but failing to surround the splasher with Barbarians may cause these to take more damage than necessary. Observe that this really is ineffective against a Bomber, a charging Dark Prince or perhaps a Valkyrie, since they have 360ยบ splash.
  • The Barbarians could be effectively countered by most splash troops such as the Bomber and Wizard. However, make sure to put them at a distance so that they aren’t immediately mauled. However, you have to be careful as the opponent may use a Tornado or Freeze to immobilize or destroy the splash attacker, allowing the Barbarians to devastate the Crown Tower. Fire Spirits can cripple Barbarians, and are also very cost-effective. Remember that Fire Spirits alone will often not be able to completely eliminate an entire group of Barbarians. Finish the Barbarians off with other troops or permit the Crown Towers to complete them off.
  • A powerful counter could be the Fireball; the harm and radius of the spell is much more than enough to severely damage all the barbarians to such an extent in a way that they can be one-shotted through the Arena Tower.
  • Poison may also be a highly effective counter to make use of. Its Damage over time will eliminate, or deal high damage to, the Barbarians and any supporting troops. However, the Barbarians will ultimately walk out of the Poison having a fair amount of health left.
  • If the Barbarians survive, try supporting all of them with a tank in the front to obtain some use out of them.
  • Rage combined with Barbarians can perform severe harm to a Crown Tower, as it is hard to stop because Rage increases movement and attack speed.
  • The Barbarians have high damage and may make short work of a tower prior to the opponent stops them.
  • Deploying Barbarians down the lane is futile and it is essentially a total waste of five Elixir unless the opponent is short on Elixir mainly because of the various counters to the Barbarians as well as their slow move-speed.
  • Continually be willing to deploy a support troop coupled with the Barbarians, like a tank, spell or glass-cannon to obtain the most value out of them.
  • It is an extremely bad idea to ignore them as they are able to destroy a Crown Tower on their own.
  • They are the most useful troops to take out enemy tanks because of their numbers (4 of them), moderate damage, and ability to tank most spells.
  • Support troops may have trouble killing them because of their hit points. If the combo happens to be any ground-based splash damage card + ground-based melee tank, wait for a troops to cross the river.Once they cross, immediately drop the Barbarians upon the splash card. They will surround and destroy it quickly before moving on to eliminate now unsupported tank. This could result in a large positive elixir trade. However, if there is more than one splash unit, the Barbarians will tend to be taken out immediately.


  • The Barbarians card was launched with Clash Royale’s soft launch on 4/1/16.
  • On 2/2/16, the February 2016 Update decreased the Barbarians’ hit points by 4%.


  • From the Knight’s description, Barbarians are said to be distant cousins, because of their physical similarities, especially their awesome mustaches.
  • Barbarians would be the only troop unlocked in Barbarian Bowl (Arena 3).
    1 Barbarian does the same damage being an equal level Knight or Royal Giant. All four of them together also provide the identical hit points as an equal level Royal Giant.
  • It is the among the two troop cards to come in a group of four, another is the Skeletons.
  • It’s one of the 4 cards related to Barbarians, such as the Battle Ram, Elite Barbarians, and Barbarian Hut.
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