12+ Epic COC TH7 War Bases Anti 3 Star 2017 || 3 Air Defenses| Updated August 2017

12+ Epic COC TH7 War Bases Anti 3 Star 2017 || 3 Air Defenses

COC TH7 War Bases Anti 3 Star 2016-2017 with 3 air defenses and air sweeper. How many of thought of securing your base from dragon attacks in war? if you are ever wondering, then this post is for you all who want to secure their bases from enemy attacks in clan wars.so here we are with the COC best town hall 7 war base.so, without any delay lets get into TH7 war bases. builder hall level 6 layouts.

Top COC Town Hall 7 Hybrid Bases

COC TH7 War Base

coc town hall 7 war base

                                     coc town hall 7 war base, coc war base th7


                                             coc th7 war base anti dragon 2017

COC Town Hall 7 War Bases Anti Dragon

                                            coc th7 war base anti 3 star

                     coc th7 war bases anti 3 star with 3 air defenses



Clash of Clans War Base TH7

                                         coc th7 war base anti 3 stars


                                     town hall 7 war base anti dragon


                                 th7 war base anti 3 stars with 3 air defense


                                   best town hall 7 war base anti dragon


                                     best war base th7 anti dragon hogs

                                              th7 war base anti 3 stars


                                                          th7 defense base

                                              clash of clans th7 war base



                                          Anti 3 star th7 war base 

                                                  Best th7 war base 2016

                                               th7 war base 2017


                                    th7 base clash of clans. th7 base new update


Note: I used only town hall 7 buildings in the above-mentioned bases.

COC th7 war bases

In the above-mentioned bases, some of the bases have compact construction and remaining bases are designed to have enough space between the defensive buildings.All the defensive buildings, barracks and mines are evenly disturbed entirely across the base.

The main features are:

The bases have clan castle in the middle compartment which makes hard for enemy troops to get rid of those.

The attacks the above-mentioned bases can with stand are:

  • anti dragons
  • anti giants
  • anti hybrid attacks

The layouts are designed in such a way that, every layout has the ability to withstand dragon attack because at town hall 7 dragon attacks are major ones.

The defensive structures and buildings that are available for town hall 7 are:

Builder’s Huts,  Elixir Collectors, Dark Elixir Drill, Gold Storage’s, Clan Castle, Elixir Storage’s, Dark Elixir Storage, Barracks, Dark Barrack, Laboratory, Gold Mines,  Army Camps,  Spell Factory.

Defensive Buildings:

Cannons,  Archer Towers, Walls, Bombs, Air Defenses, Mortars, Wizard Towers, Giant Bombs, Air Bombs, Spring Traps, Seeking Air Mine,  Hidden Tesla’s, Air Sweeper.

Hero barbarian king:

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