10+ Epic Town Hall 7 War Bases New Update 2017| Updated August 2017

10+ Epic Town Hall 7 War Bases New Update 2017

Town Hall 7 war bases new update 2017. In this Article, we are going to have a look at the best town hall 7 war bases with 3 air defenses included.we have included four best town hall 7 war bases that can withstand various enemy attacks, such as giants, hog riders, and dragons.The bases included below are the best bases having unique construction and even distributed buildings. So, without further due let’s have a look at best TH7 war bases 2017.

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Hybrid Bases Town Hall 7

Clash Of Clans TH7 Trophy Bases

Town Hall 7 War Base

Best War Base TH7

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Best Town Hall 7 War Base New Update

Best Town Hall 7 Base, Town Hall th7 War Base Anti Dragon Anti Hogs New Update, Town Hall Level 7 War Base


Town Hall th7 War Base

     Town Hall 7, Town Hall 7 War Base Anti Dragon And Hogs, Best  Town Hall 7 Base

       Good th7 War Base, Best Town Hall 7 War Base Anti Dragon, Coc th7 War Bases

Town Hall 7 War Base Anti Dragon, Best th 7 War Base, TH 7 War Base


Best Base For Town Hall 7

th7 war base anti everything, th7 war base anti dragon with 3 air defense, th7 anti dragon

          Coc th 7 Base, TH7 War Base Anti Dragon With Air Sweeper, Coc TH7 War Base


Best Town Hall 7 Base 2016/Clash Of Clans Town Hall 7 War Base 2016

                Town Hall 7 Base 2016, Town Hall 7 War Base 2016, th7 Base 2016


TH7 War Base 2017/ Clash Of Clans Town Hall 7 War Base

      Clash Of Clans War Base TH7, Coc Bases TH7, Clash Of Clans Bases Town Hall 7


   Town Hall 7 War Base 2017, Town Hall 7 Best Base, Coc Base th 7, th 7 Best Base


The above-mentioned bases are th7 war bases after new update with three air defenses included.

The third base in the above-mentioned bases is an anti dragon war base having a different construction of walls if we look at the dragon attack strategy on the third base,  it takes a considerable amount of time for dragons to completely swipe the base.

Attacking Strategy:

On the off chance that you are at early Town Hall 7 and need to join Clan Wars without Dragons, that is totally OK. Despite the fact that there are a lot of approaches to get 3 stars from the adversary base without Dragons, I firmly suggest you utilizing this procedure or any varieties of it .I firmly prescribe  level 5 Hog Riders, they are truly solid and you will get the Air Defense in any case. In the most pessimistic scenario If all Air Defense are in the center and it’s difficult to bring them down, that is alright, drop your Hogs by a Wizard Tower and after that drag your Balloons for clearing guarded structures, simply drop your Archers and Barbarians from the side which is not ensured and remember to drop the Healing Spells for insurance your Balloons.

TH7 war bases 2016-2017 new update with 3 air defenses and air sweeper.

Whereas first and second base has compact construction having air defenses evenly surrounded the base.The placement of wizard and archer towers are good that cover one entire block to defend enemy attacks.

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