How To Root an Android Phone In One Click Without Pc

How To Root an Android Phone In One Click Without Pc:

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This is the step by step tutorial with the help of images on rooting android phone without pc rooting android seems to be dangerous but this is a risk free tutorial and with the help of this tutorial you can root your android phone without the fear of bricking it.root simply give us the power to use maximum of your android phone without any restrictions.

How Can You Root You Android Device Without Pc?

You Can Root An Android Device Without Pc Actually it is very simple and easy all you need is just a certain app for rooting android phone.

Step By Step Guide On Rooting Android Phone:

Step 1.Open a web browser on your android device any web browser it can google chrome,mozilla or any any other web browser.

Step 2.Download an app called frama root you can download this android apk straight away from frama root website:(

Step 3.Install Framaroot.

Tap the downloaded APK to install it on your device.If your device’s not set to install third-party applications, a prompt will appear asking confirmation to install Framaroot. Simply enable the “Unknown Sources” option on the prompt to continue.

Step 4.Open Frama Root after installation tap icon on your home screen to open frama root.

Step 5.Select An Exploit Method to use on your android phone or tablet.

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Framaroot will require you to choose from three kinds of exploits that will root your android phone, namely, “Sam,” “Frodo,” and “Aragorn.” You can select any of the three exploits listed. Just tap each one and find out which one is working.

Some Exploits will not work on your android phone it  depends on your smart phone if this happens just select another exploit.

After choosing an exploit and if it is sucessfully rooted the message popup will appear that super user setting sucessfully installed.

Step 6.Now this is last and final step simply restart your phone and you will find super user apk on your phone that means your phone is sucessfully rooted.


How To Check that android phone is sucesfully rooted or not tutorial Below:

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