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“A tough melee  fighter. The Barbarian’s good looking, cultured cousin is Clash Royale Knight wiki. Rumor has it which he was knighted depending on the sheer mastered on of his mustache alone.”





  • The Knight is unlocked through the Training Camp (Tutorial).
  • He is really a single-target, melee troop with moderate-high hit points and moderate damage.
  • A Knight card costs 3 Elixir to deploy.
  • The Knight wields an extended sword and it has a blonde mustache.


  •  The Knight’s statistics are generally very moderate. This will make him a really versatile card.
  • Use the Knight like a meat shield for smaller troops, because it has fairly high hit points.

Alternatively, the Knight may be used to backup higher hit points troops, including the Giant Skeleton or Giant.

The Knight are only able to target one target at any given time. Using cards for instance Guards or Skeleton Army will distract and overwhelm the Knight.

  • With high hit points and also decent damage, he is able to be played both offensively and defensively.
  • He can survive a hit or two from the Prince, although Swarms continue to be recommended over a Knight.
  • However, go ahead and take benefit of baiting their swarm card or Inferno Tower with this particular card to your larger units.
  • He could be supported with Skeletons, Goblins, or Spear Goblins to manage quick and great damage. This combo is not only cheap but versatile.
  • Additionally, it provides you with sufficient time and Elixir to protect upon your opponent. Deploy a splash troop such as the Bomber in case the combo fails.
  • He will work for getting small swarms of weak troops or low health units due to his good damage and fast attack speed.
  • The Knight is really a good counter to cards including the Dark Prince, Executioner, and also the Miner because of his higher health, damage per second, and,when it comes to the very first two, Elixir advantage.
  • The Knight may also be used like a cheap tank, because he has high health for his elixir cost.
  • It’s extremely effective for doing things against support cards including Spear Goblins and Witch because of its fast hit speed, high health,and many of all the, positive elixir trade.
  • The player shouldn’t disregard the Knight since he is able to actually deal great harm to an Arena Tower solo. They ought to use cheap troops like Skeletons to tug him towards the center therefore the Knight gets distracted and cannot reach towers easily.


  • The Knight was launched with Clash Royale’s soft launch on 4/1/16.
  • On 18/5/16 an balance Up-date improved the Knight’s hit points by 10%.



  • The Knight deals exactly the same damage like a Royal Giant or Barbarians of equal level.
  • From the Knight’s description, Knights and also Barbarians have been proved for being distant cousins, because of their physical similarities, and particularly their awesome mustaches.Actually, they are doing exactly the same damage per hit as pointed out above, however the Knight has a faster hit speed, so he’s a greater damage per second.
  • When a Knight is defeated, his dropped sword is embedded in the Arena’s ground, just like the Dark Prince whose weapon is dropped, although not held in the floor.
  • When the Knight attacks, he’ll say such things as, “Rrah!” , “Ha-ha!” or “Hawk!”
  • In the tutorial, the Knight may be the first card you’re told to make use of, although not necessary that you set him down first.

The Knight once had shoulder pads that have been colored blue or red based on the side. It was later removed.

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