Talkdesk Call Center Software “Growing Like Crazy”

Talk Desk Call Center Software

Talkdesk Call Center Software “Growing Like Crazy”:

Talkdesk Call Center Software co-founder Cristina Fonseca spoke at Disrupt London on Tuesday. In an interview with TechCrunch’s Matt Lynley, Fonseca explained how the San Francisco-based company that started in Portugal has helped businesses improve their customer service experience.


Founded in 2011, in an effort to win a Macbook Air contest, Talkdesk has quickly scaled its call center business. Its software is used by companies like Dropbox, and enables companies to get a quick overview of a customer’s profile and previous interactions as soon as they accept an incoming call.


Call Center Software:

With Talkdesk Call Center Software, “you can easily see everything regarding a customer when that customer is calling,” said Fonseca.


Talkdesk Call Center Software has positioned itself to be a low-cost and efficient solution for businesses who still rely heavily on phone for customer support. The system seamlessly integrates along with other business software including Salesforce, Zendesk and Shopify.


Fonseca said at Disrupt that the organization is “growing like crazy” and looks to be expanded beyond calling, and will eventually incorporate services e . g . chat, email, and video. Talkdesk Call Center Software aims to become a “modern solution that takes care of a difficulty for today’s companies.”


Headquartered in San Francisco, Fonseca said that the company’s Portugal location has been advantageous, because the local schools graduate top engineering talent. But she declared that Talkdesk has focused its sales and marketing efforts in the United States, because there are more potential clients there.


Talkdesk has raised over $24 million from Salesforce Ventures, 500 Startups, DFJ and others.


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