10 Best TH10 Farming Bases 2017 || 2 Bomb Tower| Updated August 2017

10 Best TH10 Farming Bases 2017 || 2 Bomb Tower

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10 Best TH10 Farming Bases with Bomb Tower 2016-2017. Hey clashers, hope you are doing well in the blog post we are up with the best COC town hall th10 farming base anti hogs, bowlers, miners, Valkyrie 2016 -2017. Join our town hall 10 Facebook group for more town hall 10 bases. so let’s have a look at the awesome bases.

We are looking for non-rushed town hall 5,6,7,8,9,10,11 players who are good at attacking. our clan name is GAMA LAND and Clan tag is

                                                          Best th10 Farming army

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10 Best TH10 Farming Bases With Bomb Tower 2016-2017

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Town Hall 10 Farming Bases 2016

The layout mentioned below has centralized clan castle. Dark Elixir Storage is present in the central compartment so it can protect dark elixir from opponents. The gold and elixir storage’s are present in the outer compartment in the four sub sections divided by walls.so at any point of time in multi player battle attacks it makes harder for attacker to take out the complete loot.

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  Best th10 farming base with bomb tower, th10 Farming base anti everything with bomb tower



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                                         Best th10 Farming base with bomb tower

Best Town Hall TH10 Farming Base With 2 Bomb Towers

The below layout is like a square layout. the storage’s are kept diagonal to each other as you can see the elixir storage’s. Three x-bows out of two which are placed in the middle compartment and rest one is placed in the outer cross section to cover the entire village . The 4 gold storage’s out of two which are placed in the above and rest two are placed at the bottom of the base.

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COC Town Hall TH10 Farming Bases With 2 Bomb Towers

This is an awesome base regarding town hall th10 farming bases composed so far . this construction is so unique that storage’s are kept in different compartment by cross section of walls. The wizard and archers towers along with xbows are evenly distributed to cover the entire base and protect from enemy troops. The gold mines and elixir collector are placed outside and are covered to complete the circle. so , if attacker want to loot the mines and collector it will be hard for them to do so.

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TH10 Farming Base Anti Giant, Anti Valkriye, Anti Hogs, Anti Bowlers, Anti Miners

The below farming base is a type of hole trap base wherein the the hole is placed right in the center of the base near the dark elixir storage protect by inferno towers and x bows . the other defensive structures took the outer compartment to protect the dark elixir .

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TH10 Dark Elixir Farming Base

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Best th10 Farming Base 2016 

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Best th 10 Farming base/ Best th10 Farming Base 2017

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Best th10 hybrid base

                  th10 Hybrid base, th 10 hybrid base, Town hall 10 farming base 2017


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