18+ Exceptional Town Hall 7 War, Farming and Trophy Base Designs 2017|Updated August 2017

18+ Exceptional Town Hall 7 War, Farming and Trophy Base Designs 2017

Clash Of Clans Town Hall 7 Base Design

In this post, we are up with the Best COC Town Hall th7 Bases war, farming, hybrid 2016-2017 . for more information about the clash of clans visit the official site here. first of all, we will be covering about the town hall 7 farming base with 3 air defenses. new updated bh6 designs.

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COC Town Hall TH7 Base Layouts 2016

Let us analyze the three farming bases mentioned below. first of all the all bases are unique in their own sense.
The first th7 layouts has town hall centered and the outer compartments are where the storages are kept. the 3 air defenses are kept in such a way that they are able to defend the air attacks with ease. As the construction of these bases are unique it makes harder to lure out the complete loot available for good attackers at town hall 7. the outer compartment of the village design is covered by remaining defensive structures such as cannons, wizard towers and archer towers which act as a protective layer for the inner storage’s and town hall. The non-defensive structure’s such as barracks, gold mines, elixir collectors are placed outside which is circled by the base and makes harder to lure out.

Best th7 War Base/ Clash Of Clans th 7

                      clash of clans town hall 7 base , coc base th 7 , coc th 7 base

                             best war base th7 , town hall 7 base 2016 2017

                               coc th7 base with 3 air defense , best th7 base design

Clash Of Clans Base Layout Level 7

                                           clash of clans th7 base design

th7 hybrid base layout
                                                                       th7 hybrid base layout

                                                  th7 hybrid base anti giant

Town Hall TH7 War  Bases with 3 Air Defense

                                                     coc th7 base new update


                                     th7 base anti 3 star with 3 air defense


                                                    best town hall 7 bases


                                             th7 war base anti dragon new


                                   th7 war base anti dragon with 3 air defense

Clash of Clans Town Hall 7 Hybrid Bases

                              coc th 7 hybrid base , clash of clans th7 hybrid base


                                                        th7 hybrid base 2017


                                                     town hall 7 hybrid base

                                                      th7 hybrid base anti dragon

Best th7 Trophy Base / Town Hall 7 Trophy Bases

                trophy base th7 , th 7 trophy base , coc town hall 7 base new update


                        town hall 7 push baset , town hall 7 trophy push base


                  clash of clans town hall 7 trophy base , clash of clans th7 trophy bases


COC th7 Trophy Base

                                 clash of clans th7 trophy base

Best th7 War Base 2017

Image result for th7 war base 2017

                                                        th7 war base 2017

  • coc town hall th7 base
  • Base Design Tips at Town Hall 7
  • Cultivating Gold and Elixir
At to start with, you ought to concentrate on both Gold and Elixir when cultivating. The simplest way is picking the best time for cultivating and simply concentrate on inert bases with full Elixir Collectors and Gold Mines. The picture beneath demonstrates to you the speediest approach to perceive an idle base:
The most effective method to comprehend the Collectors
There are a lot of attacking methodologies at Town Hall 7, yet I emphatically suggest you run with Barching for viable and productive (1 Wall Breaker every Barrack, 3 Barracks for preparing Archers and 1 Barrack for preparing Barbarian, don’t utilize more than 1 Spell every assault).

Collecting Dark Elixir:

 Dark Elixir at Town Hall 7 is hardest in light of the fact that whether you can’t achieve the center of village effortlessly or you can’t take much from other Town Hall 7 players. The following is the armed force structure that I think exceptionally powerful for this employment:
10x giant 2x healer 7x Wall Breaker 13x wizard 34x Archer 16x Barbarian 3x healing spell
With this armed force, you can stretch hit the center of most level 8 the bases. Concentrate on bases with no less than 700 Dark Elixir and you can have the level 5 Barbarian King inside a week.
For more clash of clans tips, tricks and bases Visit Clash Of Clans Bases.For more clash of clans best town hall farming, hybrid and war bases keeping coming back to Memystery Hacks.
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