12+ Epic Town Hall TH7 Farming Bases Anti Everything 2017| Updated August 2017

12+ Epic Town Hall TH7 Farming Bases Anti Everything 2017

Clash of Clans Town Hall TH7 farming bases with 3 air defenses, barbarian king, air sweeper 2016-2017.These are the best Town Hall 7 Farming Bases Anti Everything, Giant, Healer, Dragon, Air defense. Without delaying any further let’s have a look at the 5 cool layouts.

Town Hall TH7 Farming Bases With 3 Air Defenses and Barbarian King 2016-2017

Clash Of Clans Farming Base th7

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                                         clash of clans th7 farming base

Best th7 Defense Base

                         th7 base defense , coc th7 farming base with 3 air defense

                                                         farming base town hall 7


                            th7 farming base with 3 air defenses , th7 defense base


                                              th7 farming base 2016 2017


                                          town hall 7 farming bases 2016 2017


             town hall th7 farming bases with 3 air defenses , coc th 7 defense base


 th7Farming Base 3 Air Defense(Best th7 Farming Base 2016)

                  coc th7 defense baseth7 base 2016 , town hall 7 base 2016

th7 Farming Base 2017

                                                         coc th 7 defense base

Best TH7 Hybird Base

                                                              th7 hybrid base

Main features of this TH7 farming base with air sweeper and barbarian king are:

  • Evenly distributed cannons mortars and air defenses
  • Clan castle is present in the center of the large making hard to lure clan castle troops.

clash of clans COC best town hall TH7 farming bases, Trophy, Defense base 2016-2017 New Update Anti Giant Healer, anti everything with 3 air defenses, air sweeper and barbarian king.

Few Tips for upgrades:

You ought to update Archer at first to skyrocket your attacking speed. Undoubted, they are the best troops for attacking at all Town Hall levels.After that, you are supposed to update the Dragons since they are grand in Clan Wars. With level 2 Dragons, you will never miss the last star in Clan Wars. On the off chance that despite everything you don’t have Dragons in the wake of overhauling Archers, that is alright, simply update Barbarians and recollect to redesign your Dragons quickly once they are prepared.
From Town Hall 7, you can know how crazy the Rage Spell is. You require them for both multiplayer battles and Clan Wars. Wall Breakers are constantly helpful at all Town Hall levels, attacking on the ground is truly hard without them.
After that, update your Giants, Wizards and Healers for looting Dark Elixir . I will teach  you additionally concerning this beneath. Try not to overhaul Hog Riders and Minions unless you have level 5 Barbarian King.
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